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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  November 11, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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kevin: yes, he did! keeping our competitors up at night. now, that's progressive. hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. great to have you with us, i'm john vause. ahead this hour, a major commitment on climate change like never before. goals to dramatically cut carbon emissions. and for the first time ever, a space craft could land on a comet in just a matter of hours. and weird weather hits the u.s. early. how people are coping with the biting cold, freezing winds and heavy snows. we begin this hour in beijing with word on a major agreement on climate change between the united states and china. president obama and xi jinping held a rare joint news
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conference just a few hours ago where they addressed issues like human rights, fighting terrorism and significantly cutting greenhouse gas emissions by a third over the next two decades. >> this is an ambitious goal but it is achievable. it will double the pace at which we're achieving the carbon reduction in the united states and puts us on the path of reduced reductions that the scientific community says it is necessary to reduce the catastrophic effects of climate change. >> david, this announcement really seemed to come out of nowhere. walk us through the details. >> reporter: well, certainly, they have been negotiating this for sometime in secret. and really, it seems the chinese and american governments wants to show leadership in this issue for other countries to follow. and the details are important in
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this. the u.s. saying that it wants to drop its greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 significantly, accelerating the pace. they want to drop it by between 26 and 28%. and the chinese now saying through their leader, xi jinping, that they are going to peak their co2 emissions by 2030. now, that may seem a long away away, but it is the first time the chinese put a cap on the emissions and also want to move towards clean energy sources. the u.s. president on arrival in china said he wanted to work together with china on things that it seems they could deliver. well, it seems they have delivered on a major climate change announcements. whether they can push the announcements in the u.s. is another matter. but it seems a significant show
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of cooperation on this important issue. john? >> david, thank you, we'll be back with you later on more details and what was a dramatic news conference for a number of other reasons. in the meantime, let's go to hong kong right now, this announcement today from beijing is an encouraging step forward. thank you for joining us. you say it is encouraging. >> hi. >> you have described it as a game-changer, do you think it does not go far enough? >> well, this is not the maximum -- what both countries can do. but it is really, really encouraging. particularly in the last few years we have seen countries sort of -- uncertain about how confident they should approach climate change and how much they should take the leadership. the statement between president obama and president xi jinping
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sent a strong energizer to their climate negotiations in paris next year. >> so how much will they step up and make a significant change towards greenhouse gases? >> well, according to the schedule of the u.n. negotiation, member states should come up with their intentional commitment or contribution by the first quarter of 2015. now, the three largest emitter, china, the u.s. and the eu have already announced their intentional contribution. this already sets a very positive momentum towards the negotiation. other countries will also need to catch up with their ambition, as well. >> so what brought about this change from china? and really, it is coming from the very top. >> well, i think it shows very clearly both president obama and
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president xi jinping have clearly seen that history will judge all of us on the actions that we will take today to tackle climate change for our children and for the planet. >> by our question here, could you see all of this falling apart? for example, republicans in the united states are already calling those goals unrealistic. >> well, i think it is very clear that both countries and their leaders are responding to the latest science as -- published by the ipcc, in the assessment report 5, recently. and also to the hundreds of millions of people marching in the streets of new york, just in september this year. which are joined in fact by even more people around the world who are calling for immediate action on climate change.
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i think that they have strong public opinion behind these political leaders' action. and i think it is time for the climate sceptics to stop blocking the way. >> we will see if it happens. we appreciate you being with us, thank you, sir, lo sze ping. well, we have more information on whether the rover can slowly reach the comet. it takes a half hour for radio signals to travel from earth to rosetta. now, later this afternoon we'll talk with a scientist involved in the unprecedented mission. okay, the weather is settling in for millions in the united states.
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let's go to our meteorologist. >> let's take a look at what is happening across the region. we're talking about the temperatures dropping below 26, farenheit, minus two degrees se selcius, the cold arctic air pours in across the united states. what is important here is the dramatic shift in temperatures. denver, colorado, the temperatures on monday morning were at 63 degrees farenheit, dropping to 12 by tuesday, oklahoma, down by half, dallas, texas, taking quite a plunge with the temperatures with about a 40-degree drop. you take a look, the wind chill is minus 30 degrees. this is very dangerous stuff. if you're outside by a prolonged
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period, we mean more than ten minutes. frostbite begins to settle in. minus 50 degrees becomes a major issue. a lot of schools around the u.s. have closed down before school even starts because of the temperatures, and kids avoiding the bus stop because of the temperatures. the concern, john, a massive area of high pressure is building, blocking the jet stream. it has an omega block. it is like the greek letter. as this sets up for the next couple of day is it could be with us a week or longer. it may not come to an end any time soon. it could be cold next week, as well. >> wow, looks like it could be a cold winter, thank you, pedram javaheri. and all of it will take place in an hour and a half from
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now. we'll have live coverage here on cnn. and iraqi forces say they have taken back a critical city from isis militants. it is home to the country's largest oil refinery. the government forces have controlled the refinery since july but the militants held onto co the main city. and coming up, the protesters are furious over the disappearance of 43 college students and the possible role of police in their abduction. and on hand for a legal decision in a controversial shooting.
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. welcome back to cnn, weeks have gone by and the anger is building in mexico where dozens of college students are missing. word that gang members confessed to murdering them is intensi intensifying people's outrage. more on the demonstrations which are now turning violent. >> reporter: it looks and sounds like a war zone. but it is a clash between student protesters and federal police in the guerrero state capital in which a government building was torched. all in response to the disappearance of 43 college students more than five weeks
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ago. the situation is very tense right now between the protesters and federal police. now take a look on one side of this bridge, are the police officers. they have been firing rubber bullets. on the other side you've got the protesters, firing back with rocks and sticks, you name it. and it is not stopping. this boiled-over tensions were in response to the situation. the angry protesters were not stopping, continuing their advance across the bridge. more than 70 arrests have been made, including the mayor and his wife. parents are told their children are dead and others confessed to the killings. but authorities have not provided dna evidence and parents refuse to believe the students are dead. they say there is no hope. nothing they can do. in the chaos, cnn cameras catch
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a mob surrounding a police officer with some of the protesters saying leave them alone, leave them alone. a standoff that would end with police pulling back as protesters move forward. he said that at the end of the day they want the 43 alive back home. rosa flores, mexico. and the parents of a missouri teen who was killed by the police told their story to the united nations and are calling for justice. a white police officer shot michael brown in august. the black teenager was unarmed and the shooting sparked weeks of unrest in ferguson, missouri, his parents traveled to geneva to speak about cruel treatment by government authorities. >> we need tell world to know
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what is going on in ferguson. we need justice and answers and action. and we had to bring it to the u.n. so they could expose it to the rest of the world what is going on in ferguson. >> we need justice for our son. we need them to be accountable for his actions. >> now, this appearance by brown's parents before the u.n. committee comes as ferguson prepares for a grand jury decision on whether the officer will be prosecuted. sara sidner reports as officials are trying to prevent renewed unrest. >> reporter: as the grand jury announcement on whether to indictment wilson, the message is sent to everybody, law enforcement is ready. >> if folks cross the safety line on property or person we'll use the full power of the law to
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keep peace. >> reporter: the governor says he will send in the national guard if required. >> when we make a determination that the national guard is necessary to provide support, i'm prepared to issue that order. >> reporter: we have talked to dozens of people from pastors to residents to protesters and police, and they all say the city is on pins and needles, waiting for the grand jury's decision. and everyone is planning, not just here in ferguson but in the entire st. louis metropolitan area. the st. louis county police department is already gearing up, purchasing more than $100,000 in riot gear. some protesters blame police for escalating tensions after the killing of michael brown and they, too, are planning their reaction. >> it will probably be a little anger and tension. there will be a few bad apples that do some looting. but my position is you can always replace a window. you can replace things but you
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can't replace human lives, so as long as no lives get lost, and if any lives get lost it will probably be at the hands of the police officers and then it would just cause more problems. >> reporter: but police say they have been diligent over the last 90 days meeting with the community to make safety a priority for all. >> we have had instances where officers were injured and hit with rocks in the face and different things like that. so we'll do what we can to protect them but at the same time we try to always portray a posture of the appropriateness of the situation that we're facing. >> reporter: while the community plans, michael brown's family was in geneva speaking to the u.n. about the problem. they have been calling for a resolution to the situation, but if there is no indictment they say they will join the protesters in the street again. >> because the fight will not be over. we understand that our son is
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gone but the movement will be we're trying to make sure it does not happen to anybody else. >> reporter: sara sidner, ferguson, missouri. just ahead, a call for help for vietnam veterans. coming up, u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel. earning i. introducing the citi® double cash card. it lets you earn cash back twice, once when you buy and again as you pay. it's cash back. then cash back again. and that's a cash back win-win . the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic... ♪
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let's all find ways in our schools, our businesses and our communities to serve these hero as well as they have served us.
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that is what veterans day is all about. >> u.s. president barack obama is urging those to honor those who served in the military. defense secretary chuck hagel is calling on the pentagon to reassess vietnam era discharges. and he spoke with barbara starr. >> on the streets of l.a., more than 6,000 homeless veterans, nobody knows how many are vietnam veterans, holding tough memories of a long ago. for vietnam veteran chuck hagel, that war is always with him. this is something that means a lot to you in your office, you see it every day when you come in, tell me about this. >> it came in the mail, a photo.
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>> a photo sent to him. >> we were going into long bend ammo depo at the time, the largest in the world. and as we approached it these explosions started going off because the vc had hgotten in there the night before. the reason this picture struck me always is because it represents, i think in one picture the awesome power of war. >> reporter: now, the secretary of defense is using the power of his office to help some of the most troubled veterans from the war he fought in. hagel has ordered that vietnam veterans with less than honorable discharges may now have post-traumatic stress from that war be considered a contributing factor in their discharge. that could open the door to vietnam veterans who never
11:23 pm
quali qualified for disability pay because of their discharge status finally getting compensated. >> in our generation, there was the term, the crazy vietnam vet, right? everybody knew that term, the crazy vet that shot up stores and robbed gas stations. >> he has worked with veterans since he came home from vietnam. >> were with recognizing more and more the vietnams who are still homeless, who are really cut out of society have other than honorable discharges. and we want to get them off the street. why would we leave them out there? >> joe hunt was drafted and sent to vietnam at the age of 19. >> i used to have nightmares when i came home and that pretty much blocked it out of my mind. >> he is glad the government is trying to do more. >> i think it is great, because we were drafted. we were forced to go. >> for hagel, it is about doing the right thing by vietnam veterans who came home with little recognition of their
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struggles. >> there was no reflection of experiences and what a veteran of a war carries with him or her. they deserve another chance. it is the right thing to do. i am so privileged i have an opportunity to be a part of that. >> barbara starr, cnn, washington. >> now, the two-month long cease-fire in ukraine could be about to collapse. a source told us they are raging along the line of contact between the pro-russian rebels and the military. just like it was before. russia is reinforcing troops and moving heavy weapons into southeastern ukraine. the nato allied commander says he supports the theory with the
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weapons. moscow denies the allegations. authorities in new zealand are investigating three incidents of suspicious packages, including one that contained a document referencing ebola. the packages were delivered to parliament and newspaper and the u.s. embassy, the top white house official on ebola thinks it is just a hoax. meanwhile, the african officials have disqualified morocco from playing in the african cup of nations. the decision came after morocco refused to host january's finals after the fears of an ebola outbreak. a new host nation should be announced very soon. the mormon church admits that it found that joseph married nearly 40 women. he had been portrayed as a loyal partner to his first wife.
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but now, the information is that he married multiple partners. the church banned polygamy more than 100 years ago. and still to come, not much common ground when it comes to pro-democracy protests in hong kong. we'll tell you what the chinese president had to say next in a live report from beijing. and we'll talk to one of the key scientists behind the rosetta space program and the meeting with the comet. it's a different kind of medicine that works by removing some sugar from your body. along with diet and exercise, farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. with one pill a day, farxiga helps lower your a1c.
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let's check the headlines at this hour. the u.s. and china have discussed a major agreement on climate change, discussing reducing emission gas. u.s. president obama and xi jinping discussed the matter at the meeting. and now proceeding with the mission to put a lander on the comet. if everything goes smoothly the prober will land about an hour from now. and from the rockies to the heartland, snow and about 91 centimeters of snow in marquette county, michigan. all right, let's talk about the meeting with president obama and president xi jinping. this is what happened when mr.
11:31 pm
xi came to answer a question from "the new york times." the paper had been asked about why they had denied work visas. take a look. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> now, president xi jinping will take a question from a member of the chinese press. >> so he essentially just moved on. david mckenzie is live in beijing with more on that. let's walk through exactly what happened here. it seemed the chinese president initially ignored that question. but then he sort of came back to it later on and essentially blamed the paper for its own troubles. >> reporter: well, that is right and it is extremely rare. and you would know this, john, for the chinese president to talk with the foreign press in any forum, let alone a press
11:32 pm
conference. and so when he did eventually get to the question from "the new york times" who would have been designated as the foreign press to answer the question, he said that they had caused their own problems and that they had to respect the rules of china. using an old saying, saying if you tie a knot you need to untie it yourself. he did say they respect the role of media just to put that in a perspective. in a survey recently done with foreign correspondents here, they say that the situation has worsened. 80% of them said, the situation for the press has worsened in china and under xi jinping's rule. john? >> what is also significant about the news conference is one of the questions was about human rights and xi jinping answered it, all fairly standard stuff but significant. >> very significant, you know,
11:33 pm
xi jinping has been discussing these issues with president obama in private. for it to come out in public is certainly a big, big deal. the president of china said that the hong kong protests which have been going on for many weeks now effectively was a domestic matter and that people had to stay out of it. he did say, though, that china is making progress in the issue of human rights although it is not a done deal. again, human rights groups say that under xi jinping there has been a crackdown on human rights and dissidents. so the fact the chinese president is even discussing this oblikuely, is newsworthy.
11:34 pm
>> the chinese were not working with it to begin with. >> that is right, xi jinping says he is a man of the people and certainly an average chinese citizen would feel that way, that he has a more common touch. but still, there is a huge amount of negotiations behind scenes say the u.s. officials just to get to this point for two sets of questions to be asked by the u.s. or the foreign press and by the chinese state media. it is very rare. this has not happened in years. so it does , in a way, speak to the level of cooperation during president obama's meeting. >> okay, david, quite a significant day. lots happening there in beijing. we don't often get to say that after a big summit. we appreciate it, thank you. now, the rosetta space craft is sent to land a probe onto a comet in the coming hours. >> great news from the control
11:35 pm
room. the maneuver performed very well, we're go for delivery. >> and from mission control they set the stage for the culmination of this unprecedented mission. the landing, if successful will be its crowning moment all happening more than 500 million kilometers away with just a 4 kilometer diameter. live from germany, matt, thank you for joining us. we have what, about an hour away from descent. what is the prep here? or is it just a matter of waiting for the clock to tick down? >> it really is, we know that things are a go. we're in the right direction. we're just waiting to observe that descent. it is the combination of decades of work. everybody is pretty excited. >> now, the probe is beginning
11:36 pm
the descent. nobody is controlling the probe on its way down. >> yes, exactly, it is being attracted to the comet. there is nothing we can do. we're on the rails now, a little bit of luck to make sure it does not land on a boulder or the edge of a cliff when it does touch down on the comet. >> it is a very gentle descent, there is not a lot of gravity on the comet, so in some ways that is a blessing and not a curse, isn't it? >> well, we have optimized the landing. >> what is so special about this comet, why did you choose this one? >> well, we chose this one because it is accessible. we look at comets as being fundamentally important in understanding the origins of the
11:37 pm
solar system, in fact, where we came from, how it got to this situation now. we could get a spacecraft to it. there were trillions of things outside the solar system. sometimes they come in, sometimes they're quick or slow. this was in the optimum situation to get the spacecraft, although it took ten years to get there. >> how long will it stay there and collect data? and exactly what kind of information do you expect to get back? >> well, the barometer itself started science operations itself this year. so we have been doing a lot of scientific observations. the lander will be there hopefully up until march next year. at that point, the comet is too close to the sun and they will be beyond the temperature constraints that they can stand. the orbiter is riding alongside
11:38 pm
the comet, through the closest approach to the sun next summer when the comet is the most active and then we go away from the sun. as the activity of the comet starts to wane, the rover will examine how it operates, it is fundamentally important how the comets function and the origins of the solar system. we have been looking at previous observations and it shows in some cases for some comets the water looks similar to that that we find on earth so there might be a connection of delivery to water on earth. also, these are the building blocks of protein and dna. so if they delivered the water they may have delivered the building blocks of life itself. >> for you folks, is this like christmas eve? >> it is all christmas christm
11:39 pm
into one for many, they have been working on it for decades. >> and even if it fails, we hope that everything goes right. but if it doesn't, everybody is saying this mission is already a success to begin with. >> yeah, we've taken more data, the highest resolution, the best data that we've ever taken on any comet anyway. and also the orbitter will remain until another mission. today marks a point where we move up to full science. everybody has been focusing on the landing and operations. we've done our best job with that. after this week, it is all guns blazing, doing the science that we targeted in the first place. that is why we're here to do science. >> thank you very much, matt taylor, a project scientist there with the esa, we appreciate it. good luck. still to come, an early
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11:43 pm
the israeli/pakistani leaders discuss the sanctuary and what the jews refer to as the temple mount. >> i will continue to make every effort to restore calm and quiet and security so that all may enjoy the religious freedom guaranteed by israeli law. but i regret to say that the palestinian authority which should also be working to calm tensions has joined hamas and other radical islamists in fanning the flames. >> we ask you to keep far away those settlers and extremists, in our holy places, keep them away from us and we'll stay away from them. we won't let them pollute our holy places. >> to india now and a doctor who
11:44 pm
performed sterilizations that sometimes caused death, is laying blame. dr. sanjay gupta discusses the women who were given painkillers that he says caused their deaths. the doctor said all surgeries were performed safely by himself. more from new delhi. >> reporter: outrage outside a government hospital, over the mass sterilizations in east india. at least 11 women have died, 62 hospitalized. some of them in critical condition. they're among more than 80 women who volunteered to take the procedure, receiving the equivalent of 20 u.s. dollars each, part of a decades-long, country-wide government initiative to curb the population growth in the world's second largest population.
11:45 pm
the surgery was not forced, but others say it is unethical. >> what happens, women don't have access to contraception, so already their choices are very limited. at the same time, you have the policy that is implemented where the woman is given a cash incentive. the field level health worker who works very closely with the woman is given a cash incentive. usually the doctor is given a cash incentive per surgery, and then the facility and the health workers there on up will be praised and lauded for having very high sterilization numbers. so the entire system is geared towards funneling women towards sterilization. >> an investigation has been launched, four local health department workers suspended. autopsy reports are still pending. while death as a result of these sterilization drives are not
11:46 pm
commonplace, activists hope this incident will urge the government to reevaluate the birth control initiatives and help the birth rate in the country. cnn, new delhi. geologists are looking into sinkholes that opened up on florida's west coast. the first swallowed up a car on monday, by tuesday, a second hole had formed nearby, and now there are signs of a possible third. there are families there that were evacuated, it could be days before they get back in their home. as you may guess, sinkholes are common in florida. and more in its grip from the heartland to the rockies, in the blink of an eye, the weather has changed to severe weather. cnn's gary tuchman has more on how the residents are coping with the bitter cold.
11:47 pm
>> reporter: it doesn't matter how cold it is, this billboard installer does his job, but this cold snap has come quicker than he is used to. >> i wear thicker layers, and thicker gloves but i do need to use my fingers for the jay hooks down here. >> reporter: people of montana are hearty, but with the temperatures plunging close to record lows for the date, downtown billings, the heart of montana's largest city is very empty. >> we just watch the alerts. and when it says we're going to be cold we just bundle up. >> reporter: the average high for this time of year is the upper 40s. the temperature this past weekend was in the upper 60s. temperatures going to below zero overnight. >> when i moved to montana, my friend told me if you don't like the weather wait ten minutes. >> reporter: at the zoo in billings, the potential visitors
11:48 pm
don't like the weather much, and that is why it is mostly empty. except of course for its inhabitants. this is the grizzly bear, a former resident who got in hot water for stealing people's food and is now doing well at the zoo. the animals here are doing just fine because they're used to the cold weather. she is a canadian lynx of montana. the bald eagle is shivering, but it is normal for bald eagles who are no stranger to cold weather. >> a couple of weeks ago we had the halloween event, with 4,000 people coming through the gate. the 4,000 day to a 3,000 person day, it is quite a drop. >> winter has not even started yet. it is still the middle of autumn, but extreme winter weather is here.
11:49 pm
>> right now i would like to have a buttery donut, do you have one with you? >> no, i don't. >> there are colder temperatures on the way, expected to remain frigid. someone please get gary tuchman a croissant, he obviously needs one. it is the warm temperatures, turning quickly to the cold. and john, montana actually holds the record in trust for the coldest temperature ever observed. do you know what that is? 50 degrees below, 70 farenheit. >> without the wind chill. >> and the report on that particular day, as we show you what is happening across the country. the report of that, people were walking to the store, they heard a hissing sound as they breathed as ice crystals formed outside of their mouth as they were breathing.
11:50 pm
15 minutes they would see the ice crystals still suspended in the air with that temperature. 14 degrees farenheit. that is how cold it needs to be to freeze, any freeze, about 35 below. i notice tires that are sealed begin to deflate eighteen below celsius. and the second wave looks to attack more of the northeastern united states. and notice the temperature transcribed, kind of a roller coaster ride across denver, notice a 16-degree high on thursday, dropping back down to 20, going back up to 31 degrees across denver. and areas across atlanta seeing a significant cooling trend in the coming couple of days. temperatures to be in the upper 40s when they should be in the 70s for this time of year, all right, one weather oddity that occurred on november 11th of 1911.
11:51 pm
the temperatures enough, oddly enough in oklahoma city, oklahoma, a record high was set on the same day as the cold temperature, a heated temperature record was set, next it was dropped to a record low of 17. the record still stands today. we'll have more news coming up shortly. financial noise financial noise this is the first power plant in the country to combine solar and natural gas at the same location. during the day, we generate as much electricity as we can using solar.
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downton abbey, it served a higher purpose. cnn has more. >> reporter: everyone gravitates for a photo. here it is, downton abbey, but in reality, this is the home to the castle west of london, long before any thought of setting a period television drama here it was used as a military hospital for officers during the great war. the sun blinds came down in september 1914, it is there for all to see in the versus's book, a single word. hundreds of officers and gentlemen passed through as patients, wrote their names and their regiments in the book.
11:55 pm
the countess lady armina gave up her pearls and helped. >> she rolled up her sleeves and took them upstairs. she helped to wash them and sort out their gangrene and their dysentery, and through her help, all the nurses, she helped get them back to their families. >> afterwards they all sent personal and heartfelt thank you letters to their hostess. >> when i arrived from the front, i felt i was in heaven itself. the contrast was so great. >> each officer had a bedroom to himself, they could accommodate up to 25 officers at a time. this room was once used as an operating theater. >> it was all so stoicical and
11:56 pm
others said i am looking for another couple of months and hopefully i will be fit to go back. it was an extraordinary expression of what they were doing, amazing. >> the men left their marks in other ways. some had lost their use of their writing hands, struggling to write their names again. and some just acknowledged the new reality. they had lost a limb. nick glass, cnn. >> well, today's top stories in just a few moments when rosemary church will join me again. but first, the sights and sounds as the u.k. and europe remembering the sights and sounds on armistice day. ♪ ♪ ♪
11:57 pm
>> as a nation we have a lot of obligations. to the young, to the old. to all the poor. but there is no obligation that is truly sacred other than the commitment to our veterans. >> surprise! >> to all the veterans here today. thank you. to your families.
11:58 pm
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need to lower your blood sugar? ask your doctor about farxiga and visit our website to learn how you may be able to get every month free. clearing the air. china and the united states have announced an unprecedented collaboration on climate change. we are live in beijing. it's hard to breathe. my eyes are burning. >> outrage in mexico. violent protests continue, and our cnn news crew is caught in the middle. an arctic blast. how people in the u.s